Are You Presence Aware?

The options for business communication are amazing. Think about it. You can chat. Email. Fax. Call. Blog. Collaborate. For each one of these venues you can enable “presence” to know when someone is available (at least at their computer) and instantly connect with them (most times via chat or digital collaboration).
However, News Factor wisely cautions, that before enabling presence aware technology for all your employees, first consider who will be more productive and who will be distracted and less productive.
News Factor writes The goal is to let users instantly communicate with each other without having to leave their core applications. For instance, call center operators can stay within a CRM application and still locate an expert to answer a question for them via IM. Users can call a colleague via IP telephony to discuss edits to a shared document.
This is great innovation, but I.T. organizations need to be prepared for all that comes with instant communication. They need to educate users on the appropriate use of these tools and help their companies understand infrastructure and resource needs, as well as set policies.

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