Book Review: Home Networking Simplified

At times the world of SMB/SOHO computing is quite boring – for those of us who know the technology already. There’s really nothing new. Networking, security, applications, mobile computing, desktop computing and a few other things (email marketing, web sites) and that’s pretty much it.
However, there will always be news books, upgrades and new products that are often not revolutionary but help do something better like Palm’s LifeDrve.
I say all of this to introduce you to Cisco Press‘ latest book about home networking, “Home Networking Simplified“, which walks the non- technical user step-by-step from basic Internet connectivity to a truly networked home.
Authors Jim Doherty and Neil Anderson make home networking approachable by providing user-friendly features such as full-color illustrations, step-by- step instructions, and, as an added bonus, professional advice from the Geek Squad.
Installing a home network offers consumers new opportunities for using their PCs. Once networked, users can share files or an Internet connection between multiple computers, interact with a wide array of home entertainment options, or even work remotely. Home Networking Simplified teaches non- technical users how to connect to the Internet for the first time and shows more savvy users how to get the most out of their home networks.