C3 Expo: Get Online Information While You Type

It’s 3:00am and you’re starting a presentation about the dangers of municipal waste for a meeting in a few hours. All of the sudden you realize you need more information on the subject.
Most people would click to their favorite search engine or research database and start searching for information and wade through the zillions of pages of results.
With Intellext’s Watson, the searching is done for you WHILE you type, so information about what you are working on is only a click away and always fresh and relevant.
I tried out Watson myself and was pleasantly surprised with how well it found the information I was typing. I started typing an article about data security (including words such as firewall, anti-virus, etc) and Intellext’s Watson quickly found RELEVANT content.
CEO Al Wasserberger reminded me that Intellext aims to find the ROI – reuse of information. There’s one more important thing to consider. There is so much data on corporate intranets (forget the Internet) that employees don’t even know what data is available to them. Watson gives a HUGE boost to silos of information by bringing it out.
I’ve just downloaded the free demo and encourage you to do the same. The power of this product can only be realized once you try it out.
Here’s a recap, from Intellext of what Watson is all about:
Watson is an intuitive desktop application that automatically reads and understands what you’re working on, and uses that knowledge to proactively find and deliver useful information to you as its needed, even if you didn’t know you needed it or where to find it. While you’re working on your computer, Watson silently reads and analyzes what you’re doing, and brings you relevant data from multiple online and offline information sources, including:
* Search engines and desktop search applications
* Online content providers
* Subscription services
* Corporate databases
* Enterprise extranets and intranet portals
* Enterprise search systems
* Knowledge management solutions
Watson finds the hard-to-find information that users are either unaware of, or unlikely to find through conventional search methods. It can even be configured to search virtually any information source. When Watson finds information for you, it is given to you in order of its relevance – so you always see the right information at the right time.
As a Watson user you are never interrupted by annoying and intrusive ads, because advertisers don’t influence what we show you or when. If you want to see ads because you think they may be relevant, Watson can show you the advertising content it finds, which is also sorted by relevance.