C3 Expo: Kodak, So Much More Than Photos

For many of us Kodak is (well was) synonymous with the world of photography. It fell way behind when the digital photography revolution crept up and other vendors took the lead in digital photography.
However, one pain point businesses have is the flood of documents they (we) have to manage. Kodak is superior in the document imaging business. At C3 Expo I saw a demonstration of Kodak’s latest scanners – the i30 / i40 (small form factor perfect for personal desk space) and i55 / i65 (perfect for small workgroups).

Kodak’s scanners are blazingly fast. Think 25 documents, double sided (depending on the model) in less then a minute. I timed it myself. The second aspect of Kodak’s scanner is the bundled software, which includes Kodak’s own software and third party software.
Kodak’s iThresholding technology drastically sharpens scanned images. I’m sure you have several documents that are dark colored but the ink or pencil is very light. When scanned, similar to a copy machine, the surrounding image is dark making the text unreadable. With Kodak’s iThresholding turned on – the image is VERY sharp and clear. See below.

As you look to turn your paper documents into digital ones, I would HIGHLY encourage you to consider Kodak and their resellers to meet your needs.
Pricing: i30 (single side scanner) – $800; i40 (double) – $1,195; i150 (single) – $3,495; i160 (double) – $3,995.
Kodak has a lot to offer and you can view all the document imaging solutions here.