C3 Expo: Let Your Scanner Eat & Manage Your Receipts

When you come back from a two week trip all over the world, or just an 8 hour trip all over the city, the absolutely last thing you want to do is deal with a ton of receipts, organize them and type them into your corporate travel claim system or your personal accounting program.
NeatReceipts is a scanner/software combination that helps to eliminate the hassle and helps you digitize and manage receipts. It is task-oriented and will help you do your receipt related activities much more easily – these include expense reporting, tax preparation, expense tracking and receipt/invoice document management.
If you’ve got a bunch of receipts strewn around on your (or your secretary’s desk) NeatReceipts might make a GREAT solution and time saver.
From NeatReceipts:
How do I use NeatReceipts?
Just scan your receipts into NeatReceipts with the accompanying scanner. NeatReceipts will automatically rotate, crop and resize the receipt image. After that, it will apply OCR (optical character recognition) algorithms on the receipt and extract all the important information off the receipt and overall make easy to manage receipt.
What information does NeatReceipts extract from my receipts?
NeatReceipts can extract the date, amount, vendor name and payment type (cash/Visa/MasterCard etc) using its patent pending SmartScan technology. Apart from this, you can add comments to each receipt and add other information in relevant columns (taxable, billable, personal etc) and have it associated with the original image to manage receipt better. This extracted info and the corresponding receipt images can be used for expense reporting and expense tracking.