C3 Expo: Must Haves: Avanquest’s Connection Manager Pro and Other Tools

Avanquest is one of those companies, that if your small-medium sized business was marooned on a deserted island and you could only have ONE software company with you, other than Microsoft (you NEED Windows) you would want Avanquest. They have an extensive line of software solutions specifically targeted at YOUR business.
The software includes a robust database from Alpha 5, their popular (internally developed) MySoftware brand which includes an accounting, label printing, invoice and other programs to make running your business much easier.
Their software also includes a range of PC utilities and more. I highly encourage you to visit their web site.
Yesterday, I saw a live demonstration of their powerful Connection Manager Pro – it is a connectivity workaholic. Connection Manager Pro does all it can to ENSURE you stay safely connected to the Internet. In the demonstration, Avanquest unplugged the wired LAN connection to a notebook computer. Connection Manager quickly and automatically found a WiFi connection and connected Avanquest’s notebook to it. Once the WiFi connection was taken down, Connection Manager Pro found a Bluetooth enabled phone and connected to the Internet via the phone.
Of course, if your computer is not able to access a Bluetooth, WiFi or Ethernet network – Connection Manager Pro can’t help. Your computer must have the hardware to use one of these networks. Out of the box Connection Manager Pro will be able to find and attempt to connect to a range of networks (wired and wireless) in many cases, you will have to do some configuring to setup any passwords or other settings.
Interestingly, when Connection Manager Pro connected the notebook to the WiFi network, it also automatically connected a VPN client so the WiFi connection was secure.