C3 Expo: Nokia’s 9300 – Too Much Of A Good Thing

No matter how hard I try, sometimes I just can’t get excited about technology and rant and praise it like I want to. When I write about technology I try as much as I can to put myself in YOUR shoes. In the shoes of the small-medium sized business owner.

With dissapointment I played a bit with the Nokia 9300. A phone that combines a keyboard for email and web access. It comes bundled with the Symbian operatng system and includes a suite of Microsoft Office compatible software (word processor, presentation, spread sheet). The phone has very good features (5 way conferencing calling for example), like any high-end phone would have.
The dissapointment is the keyboard, which is the only way to really use the bundled software to its full potential. The keyboard is so small, you really can’t type on it. But only peck. I’m sure Nokia envisions a business owner traveling around the country or world and dashing off email and editing reports on the Nokia 9300. But realistically, unless you have fingers as small as thin straws you might as well call your secretary and dictate messages to him. If you want to check email go with a BlackBerry or Treo if you want your offic with you get a small notebook.