C3 Expo: A Picture Is Worth More Than 1,000 Words

Yesterday at C3 Expo’s Show Stoppers there was a company displaying rows and rows of spreadsheet data on a large LCD screen.
I was getting ready to pass by the vendor but I am glad I stayed around. Tableau Software was showcasing how its software takes spreadsheet/database data and turns it into visually meaningful information.
With a few drags and drops, Tableau turned a confusing and boring Excel spreadsheet (I’m sure many of you know what I mean) into a POWERFUL display of “now this makes sense” graphs. We could INSTANTLY see what products sold and what products didn’t.
Spreadsheets and databases are a must and many have built in (complex to put together) charting tools. But, if you work a lot with spreadsheets/databases and need to more easily make sense of the information or convince others, stop throwing around numbers – throw around meaningful “pictures”. Check out Tableau’s software – it has a free trial offer.