Corel and Yahoo! – Getting Closer

I recently reviewed Corel’s Word Perfect Office 12 and I mentioned that there was little need for Corel to include the Yahoo! tool bar in WP Office. Although this tool bar is not a major component of Corel’s strategy, it was included to provide more value to the offering. Word Perfect customers can use the Yahoo! tool bar to launch various online applications such as search and financial information.
A Corel spokesperson and Mark Rethwell, Product Manager for Corel Word Perfect Office 12 SMB edition gave me a bit more insight into what Corel is doing.
Yahoo and Corel are working together on various fronts and you can expect more from this partnership in the future. I would not be surprised if Yahoo! invested in Corel (if they don’t already) or bought the company.
Corel’s new email client is also licensed from Yahoo!. Corel had been talking with Stata Labs the makers of the Bloomba email client, then Yahoo! bought Stata Labs.
I also mentioned in my review the Corel task window, which is a gateway to various Corel applications, tasks, projects and online services. Right now Corel is offering a few online videos and books for sale from third parties, but the online services tab is dynamic and can be changed at any time to offer new things. Don’t be surprised to see Yahoo! powered SMB tools and services in this space in the future.
Corel also helped me better understand the 90 day Symantec Anti-virus trial version, which I think should have been a full year. They explained that Symantec only offers a 30 day trial from its web site, Corel offers 60 more days and the relationship with Symantec is evolving.
Finally, I asked why Corel didn’t offer a true “task bar” for launching applications. Corel decided that they wanted to offer more than simply an application launcher. Hence the Corel Task Bar is more focused on how to get things (projects / tasks) done and not simply launch an application which one can easily do from Windows’ Start Menu.