Creating Blogs Is Easier Than You Think

Creating a traditional web site, is not “easy” for those who know little about computers. However, creating a blog can be done in about 5 minutes. I’ve been reviewing several blogs on Cnet and so far they include, MSN Spaces, Yahoo’s 360, AOL’s Live Journal, Blogger and Typepad. I use for web site.
Blogs are a VERY good way to quickly add content to your web site and often times search engines index blogs fast than “regular” web sites and therefore your blog might generate more customer traffic as a result of search engine searches.
Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journalwrites on Startup JournalMany folks who are comfortable with surfing the Internet still are intimidated by the thought of creating a blog, because they think that blogging requires some sort of technical knowledge. In fact, there now are multiple services on the Web that enable anyone to create a blog, and put it online, in just a few minutes. No special technical knowledge is required, and your blog will have its own Web address, accessible from any computer.
This past week, my assistant Katie Boehret and I tested three of these free blog-creation services to see what they offer. We tried the popular Google-owned service,, as well as Microsoft’s new MSN Spaces service, each of which is estimated to host millions of blogs. We also tested Yahoo’s Yahoo 360 service, which still is in its test phase. We quickly learned how simple it is to set up a blog, and how addictive they can become.

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