Defragmenting Your Hard Disk Speeds Up Anti-Virus Scans

According to Phil Pinto, Network Administrator at Icon Computing, “Daily defragmentation is the single most important thing that I can do – short of virus prevention – to keep my system running at top performance. Performance of a machine deteriorates over time. Today, with the size of some files, it does not take long for the NTFS Files System to become significantly fragmented. Scanning this computer for viruses would take over 3 hours to scan about 220,000 files – before my drive was defragmented – now it takes less than 40 minutes. I have a large number of services that start with windows, and disk defragmentation is critical to keep the system running smoothly.”
Studies done by PC maintenance software vendor Executive Software compared the performance of fragmented and defragmented drives when virus scans were run. In each case virus scan times were considerably faster when the drive was defragmented.