Do You Know How Powerful Your Cell Phone Is?

Your cell phone is a powerful tool – and many of you might not know it. You probably purchased your cell phone to…talk. But guess what – with a bit more money and features enabled it can browse the web and email.
To those of you who know this already, just keep reading and you might learn from what the NY Times wrote.
Your wireless carrier offers two plans – a metered plan for data access and most likely an unlimited plan. I would HIGHLY suggest you go with the unlimited plan so you won’t get stuck with a HUGE phone bill.
The New York Times writes “That is one of my biggest gripes with the wireless carriers,” said Peter Rojas, editor in chief of Engadget, a Web log devoted to consumer electronics. “They are doing a really terrible job of communicating wireless data to their subscribers.”
While several wireless companies have simplified their offerings, choosing the right plan means weighing several considerations: the amount of data you plan to download, the speed of the network, the type of phone you use, and the Web sites you plan to visit.
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