Email Marketing Is Still…Hot

I have used Constant Contact for several years to publish “Small Business Technology Report”. In this age of buzz about blogs and podcasting it’s great to know that there are companies still publishing newsletters. ZipCar in fact is segmenting its newsletters, using Constant Contact, to grow their business.
ZipCar is a Cambridge, MA based car sharing services and has used Constant Contact to provide loyalty-building communications in the form of Zipcar-branded email newsletters to more than 37,000 consumer and business members in all of its metro markets. Since Zipcar began using Constant Contact’s email marketing service, its email newsletter subscriber base has grown by more then one hundred percent.
Although this particular example is about Constant Contact, there are other vendors available such as Cooler Email.
“As a web-based car-sharing service, we focus a lot of our energies on creating a true sense of community with our members and constantly look at innovative solutions for creating a personal dialog with each and ever customer. Dollar for dollar, there’s no better way to connect with our members than with our highly customized email newsletters,” said Matthew Malloy, Zipcar’s Vice President, Marketing. “Our web site and newsletters are the two most important means of communicating with our
members. This form of customer engagement is essential for any customer centric organization.”
Constant Contact allows Zipcar to inform members about new services,features, regional partners, and new vehicles added to its expanding fleet of nearly 600 hundred vehicles comprised of over twenty different makes and models. The newsletters also include valuable hints and tips on topics like driving safety, fuel conservation and the cost-savings and environmental benefits of car-sharing. Additionally, content rich emails, specifically tailored for each Zipcar market, allow Zipcar to easily expand and support the Zipcar brand voice.
“Zipcar’s unique business model is based on expanding membership”, said Richard Turcott, Chief Marketing Officer of Constant Contact. “There’s no better vehicle
than email for keeping in touch with customers. Zipcar’s success is an excellent example of the impact targeted communication can have on business development initiatives.”
Additional benefits of using an email newsletter reported by Zipcar:
* Crucial role in helping Zipcar raise awareness of the availability of XM Satellite Radio services in all Zipcar vehicles at no extra cost to members; the newsletter also helped drive attendance for XM Satellite launch events in Boston and Washington D.C.
* Allows Zipcar to share ideas for new services, features and improvements with members, gather and gauge member response, and quickly make business decisions based on member feedback
* The ability to track open and click-through rates on specific content helps Zipcar improve and tailor the quality and content of the newsletters in each of its markets
* Constant Contact requires no knowledge of HTML, allowing everyone at Zipcar to contribute to member communication initiatives
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