Everybody Loves A Reseller

Computer Reseller News writes about hard disk maker Maxtor’s renewed push for SMB resellers for its One Touch II Small Business Edition Hard Drive.
If you are a reseller you can be a VALUABLE asset to your vendor and they will do whatever it takes to make you happen – as long as you sell well.
If you are a vendor and you do not have a reseller channel (more than simple affiliate marketing) then you really need to explore creating one. If you have a reseller channel, make sure that you are treating your resellers VERY well.
CRN reports Under the Maxtor VIP Partner Program, solution providers now have access to demo units at a substantial discount off list price, Lund said.
The company will also offer sales rewards of between $1 and $3 per unit sold, with the rewards credited to a debit card for solution providers on a monthly basis, she said.