Follow The Money And Outsource All (well most) IT

Think about your business. Keep thinking.
Ok – now think about your IT operations.
Printing, networking, wireless, internet, copier, telephone, etc, etc, etc. How much of that do you handle yourself. How many hours do you spend doing things yourself or having a staff member do it?

Info World’s Chad Dickerson writes My advice to CTOs and CIOs who spend significant time on mundane desktop-support issues: The sooner you let that function go, the better. The depth, breadth, and quality of service from companies such as CenterBeam and Everdream scream ‘?game over’ for the desktop-support professional as soon as more companies wake up to a value proposition that is already there — right now.
Chad’s focus for this article was for larger businesses, but the principle can easily apply to smaller businesses. You really should not be taking the time or money to handle routine and basic IT tasks. You should outsource as much technology as you can so you can go about doing your business.
I use Constant Contact for sending “Small Business Technology Report” – why? I just type and publish – they worry about wrong email addresses, bounce backs and etc.
Think of your network. Let someone else worry about how secure it is. They do a better job anyhow. Back up – the same.
Work with your IT solution provider and see what IT functions someone else can do.