Giving Your Affiliates Tools To Increase Sales

I’ve signed up with several affiliate programs over the years, where you put a link to a retailer’s product on your web site and when someone clicks through and/or buys you get a certain amount of money. I do this less in favor of traditional online advertising. (I hope you’ve been supporting this site by clicking through to my advertisers and checking out their offerings).
Often times the affiliate simply offers various text and graphic advertisements – but no more.
I had been an affiliate of online backup company Intronis Technologies and received an email from them yesterday offering to give a “webinar” about their solution to my audience. I’m no longer an affiliate, but I thought this was a good offer.
Imagine if you are a reseller selling Intronis’ online backup solution as one of several offerings to your customers. Being able to customers a webinar showing the benefits of your backup solution is only a plus.
The more tools a reseller has to sell benefits the retailer and the reseller.