The Good Life: Working With Microsoft

Var Business Magazine has a very good story on the many consulting companies/developers that have chosen to work exclusively with Microsoft. Why not? 90% or more businesses rely on Microsoft software to run their businesses. What they all need is integration (hardware) and customization (software) to make it all run better.
This is where the SMART IT consultants/programmers come into play.
Var Business writes The embrace of the Microsoft platform as a whole, rather than its parts, hews exactly to the message the company is trying to get across to partners and customers this year. Rather than pushing shrink-wrapped products in isolation, Microsoft wants partners to take a holistic view of the software stack and exploit it as the foundation to craft vertical applications or other value-added solutions. Microsoft executives have locked into the term “operational frameworks” to help instruct partners how best to develop end-to-end solutions that include the right pieces of the product set, from Windows Server 2003 at the bottom to any of the Microsoft Business Solutions applications at the top.
“Partners need to be able to listen and apply the overarching knowledge of the platform,” says Margo Day, vice president of North American channel sales at Microsoft.
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