“Green Technology” – Two Sides to Every Story

The general public is often led to believe that just because a technology is “environmentally friendly” it means it must be completely good. But USA Today writer Andrew Kantor gives us both sides of the “green” technology issue and helps us understand that what’s green is not always good. While we must take care of our environment we have to look at both sides of this issue and make sure the gains are not lost by the means.

He writes People in California love to talk about “zero-emissions vehicles,” but people in California seem to be clueless about where electricity comes from. How else can you explain a state that uses more and more of it while not allowing new power plants to be built?
Quoth Schoolhouse Rock: “Power plants most all use fire to make it: electricity, electricity/Burnin’ fuel and usin’ steam, they generate electricity ¬? electricity.”
Aside from the few folks who have their roofs covered with solar cells, we get our electricity from generators. Generators are fueled by something ¬? usually a hydrocarbon (coal, oil, diesel) but also by heat generated in nuclear power plants. (There are a few wind farms and geothermal plants as well, but by far we get electricity by burning something.)
In other words, those “zero-emissions” cars are likely coal-burning cars. It’s just the coal is burned somewhere else so it looks clean.
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