How Can You Possibly Protect Your Data?

With so many big companies falling prey to data security scams and their own problems with data loss, what can you possibly do?
As I’ve said in many speeches, only invest in as much security as its worth. For example, I have NOTHING that is personal or confidential on or connected to the web site. There is nothing for a hacker to steal. The only thing he or she might want to do is deface the web site. No money lost at most a bit of a hassle for my readers until it’s corrected.
MANY business web sites have a LOT of data about their customers and others stored in online database and Information Week magazine gives an overview of some things businesses can do to protect themselves.
Information Week writes The first steps for any company reassessing its data-security posture are to take an inventory of all data assets, especially customer data and other sensitive information, and determine the company’s vulnerability and what might happen if that data were to be lost or stolen, says Ken Silva, chief security officer of security-software company VeriSign Inc. and former technical director with the National Security Agency.