HP’s Security Blanket (plus cookies and milk)

In May of this year HP launched the HP Business Protection Portfolio for small-medium sized businesses. This service offers a robust, end to end security solution for SMB’s.
When considering security for your business you can try to do everything yourself and ensure every computer has an anti-virus program, ensure your server is backed up every night and etc. While this is “good” it’s often not good enough. Why?
1. You are not a security expert and do not have the breadth of security solutions that can completely protect your business.
2. You should focus on building your business and as with any other business function/service let those who are expert in a particular area handle that area. Payroll, telephone service, etc – many of these services our outsourced to others (experts) and your security is no different.
HP’s business protection portfolio focuses on three areas:
Security protection (anti-virus, phishing, etc)
Data Protection (ensuring that your data is backed up and easily recoverable)
Business critical availability (come floods, fire or heat wave, HP wants to ensure your critical systems are available)
HP has a LOT to offer and I would highly encourage you to check out HP’s business protection web sitehere. The beauty of HP’s security solutions is that you can buy your hardware (optimized for security), software and get local support all from one place.
There’s many vendors offering software solutions (but you’ve got to figure out the hardware), there’s many vendors offering hardware (with not nearly this breadth of security) but you must put together a security solution.
With HP’s offering they are making it as easy as possible for YOU, working with a local consultant or with HP directly to ensure your business’ critical information is safe and secure.
Below I have summarized HP’s offerings, which are available from HP directly or via a local partner.
Security Protection:
HP’s Smart Desktop Management Service is a service that offers off-site data protection, security and support of your client computers. The service delivers remote data backup and restore capabilities with computer virus protection powered by Symantec for networked desktops and notebooks from HP or any other vendor, automatic Microsoft operating system updates, and ongoing support that features a remote services platform and active, real-time assistance to answer questions or support any
components of this service. Additional information about the service is available here.
HP also is launching a new SMB Security Solution Center. A website that provides detailed information about security features to help simplify the selection of IT security solutions when customers are configuring their new PCs, notebooks or workstations online.
Data Protection
HP is a leader in data protection with many business using its famous backup drives and tapes. Although not new for businesses overall, HP’s suite of data protection offerings are now offered as part of HP’s overall security package for SMBs. Other solutions include the HP OpenView Storage Mirroring Software, which performs real-time data replication between servers on a LAN to provide fail-over capabilities and avoid data loss. Also included in the portfolio are select, HP digital imaging solutions that help convert paper-based documents into digital information that can easily be accessed, stored and managed.
Business Critical Availability
HP business-critical availability solutions are designed for customers who require 24×7 data availability or for any SMB seeking to be back online as quickly as possible after a business disruption. HP offers a family of server solutions designed to protect the availability of the systems and applications.
HP’s newly updated HP ProLiant DL380 Packaged Cluster enables two servers to back each other up, keeping data available without intervention even during hardware and software failure or periods of planned server maintenance. The solution is fully redundant and comes completely contained for rapid installation.
The HP Integrated Lights-Out Advantage Pack (iLO) is an optional feature on most HP ProLiant servers to provide business-critical availability of data remotely. For little as $349 per server, iLO provides industry-leading remote management that is essential for businesses that support remote servers. It provides full remote access and management of server power, system console and system event logs regardless of the state of operation of the server.