If Someone Had The Data On Your PDA Would You Be Worried?

I’ve been using a PDA for years and before that the famous Casio and Sharp electronic organizers. I often wonder, what would happen if I lost the PDA and someone (the wrong person) got access to my data? I back up all my PDA data so I’m not worried about “losing” the data, but I do think about if someone had the data and used it for the wrong reasons – identify theft, or other things.
Smallbusinesscomputing.com’s Linda LeBlanc writes The manner in which we use our PDAs is due to the need they fill in our lives. It isn’t just about convenience. This is a situation we ignore at our own peril. But options are few. Recovering your own data is the simple part. Back your stuff up ¬? somewhere.
Protecting it from others is something else entirely. There are packages available for encrypting all the data on your PDA. They’re handy and fairly simple to use. The key here is that you have a single point of failure. If you forget the password, you might as well have dropped your PDA in the lake. The data is safe from everyone ¬? including you.
The important thing is to think about possible implications and complications resulting in the loss of any small electronic device.
When I drowned my pager, and I couldn’t be ”found” for several days, it wasn’t much of an inconvenience. When I sat on my PDA and made all my information disappear, I was a little more annoyed.
Had I lost it, I would have had to change all my root passwords, my credit card accounts, and dealt with a number of other major aggravations. Now, I choose not to keep that information on my PDA. I still have all my phone numbers and addresses, for both personal and business contacts, meeting notes, appointments, schedules and deadlines on it. I back it up religiously, and when synching, I review what’s outdated, or what’s already been transferred or revised on my laptop or desktop system. If that information is already somewhere else, I take it off. If it’s not, and should be, I make the time to move it.