Is An Email Message Worth $1 Billion?

A few companies are learning the hard way that their email messages are VERY valuable. In court or other legal action. A large financial company was recently ordered to pay over $1 billion because of email they were not able to bring to court.
Other companies have had other experiences with not being able to retrieve email when ordered to by a court. Sometimes email is sent when it should have never gone out.
In regulated industries, knowing what email comes in and comes out is VITAL and could be the key to the success or instability of a company.
There are MANY vendors offering solutions to manage the inflow and outbound email of a company to ensure it meets regulatory or company policy, one such comapny is Bellevue, Washington based Message Gate.
Although Message Gates Ecompliance System is for large enterprises (and I assume priced accordingly) if your small business is in a regulated industry you might want to at least have a look at their solutions and see if one might be ideal for your business.
Another nice thing about Message Gate is that it doesn’t just throw email into one large archive bin but will help you SMARTLY archive email. “Non-business” email doesn’t need to be archived. Or maybe attorney/client email gets archived in one place while email about a merger gets archived to anothe rplace.
From policy enforcement, to regulatory compliance and from real-time message categorization to a profile of all messages – Message Gate offers a full suite of email management solutions.