Microsoft Office’s XML Moves: Too Much Too Fast

For corporations on the ‘cutting’ edge of technology, having Microsoft Office save files, by default to XML is fine I suppose. However for the majority of small-medium sized businesses XML is not on their radar.
XML stands for Extensible Markup Language and is a specification that enables the easy transfer of data between applications and organizations.
For the most part, SMBs are going to stick to using “.doc” as their extensions and not “.xml” or whatever the XML format extension will be.
I use XML everyday to syndicate’s content. Syndication and other similar uses is where XML shines. When typing a letter, memo or contract am I going to use “save as XML”. I don’t think so.
The Associated Press writes Microsoft Corp. announced Wednesday that the next version of its Office software will use Internet-friendly XML technology as the default file format for documents created in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
The new format will make it easier for other programs to read Office documents, an improvement the software titan says is aimed at boosting workers’ productivity.

and also writes “If they really want to open their format from a user perspective, why aren’t they using… other existing open formats instead of coming up with a new set of formats that are not totally open and will create a lot of issues for their users?” said Richard Carriere, general manager for office productivity at Corel Corp., which makes the WordPerfect Office productivity suite.