More on IBM Bolstering Software As A Service Developers

I covered IBM’s move to bolster “software as a service developers” and AMI Partners writes IBM has rightly-in our opinion-calculated that SaS will ultimately change the rules of the software game. Consequently, Big Blue’s SaS initiatives have far outpaced those of its rivals. These investments are already paying off: Last year, IBM generated more than $1 billion in business related to hosting and software-as-services solutions.
Although there is no way that IBM can predict all the possible outcomes of continued market momentum for SaS offerings on its own existing businesses, the vendor has decided to embrace, rather than dismiss the SaS trend. By bringing SaS partners into
the mainstream, and creating additional incentives for them to embed IBM content in their offerings, IBM is building another, potentially powerful partner ecosystem, and positioning itself to benefit from this new growth wave in the software industry. Read AMI Partners full article here