More than WiFi…

With WiFi you must stay connected to a WiFi network, which although growing, are still quite limited to an airport, business center, your office, etc.
However, using a cellular based, high speed network your range of wireless options are so much more.
The NY Times writes PLENTY of technologies can get you online wirelessly these days, but there’s always a catch. Wi-Fi Internet hot spots are fast and cheap, but they keep you tethered to the airport, hotel or coffee shop where the hot spot originates. A Bluetooth cellphone can get your laptop online, but at the speed of a slug. And smoke signals – well, you know. The privacy issues are a nightmare.
But for the laptop lugger with an expense account, there may be another option. It’s a relatively new cellular data network called C.D.M.A. 1xEV-DO, which, as you surely knew, stands for Code Division Multiple Access Evolution-Data Only. No wonder Verizon Wireless, the earliest and largest adopter of this technology, just calls it the BroadbandAccess plan.
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