One Key To Linux Success – Applications:
Linspire Delivers

Microsoft is a smashing success because of the thousands of third party applications built for it by Microsoft and its army of developers and independent software vendors.
Linux must catch the same wave.
In this regard Linspire, Inc. announced in a press release the availability of MyBooks Professional, a full-featured accounting and finance software solution made for the Linspire desktop Linux operating system by InsynQ’s Appgen Business Software. Filling a key need for businesses that want to make the transition to Linux, the fully audited accounting system is ideal for small-to-medium businesses looking for a low-cost, high-end Linux replacement for financial software like QuickBooks. Two versions of MyBooks Professional are available through Linspire’s one-click software library starting from $59.
“Businesses want the added security and cost savings of desktop Linux, but need to have proven accounting software that allows them to easily migrate their data from Microsoft-based systems,” said Kevin Carmony, president and CEO of Linspire, Inc. “MyBooks Professional fills a key application gap for SMBs. Desktop Linux users finally have professional accounting software that can be customized to the specific needs of their business.”
MyBooks Professional is a professional-grade, double-entry accounting system that conforms to GAAP standards. Customers are able to upgrade their users without reinstalling and can further customize and scale the software to meet the needs of both service- and inventory-based businesses. Key software functions and modules include tracking and controlling sales, customers, vendors, purchases, bank accounts, employees, payroll, and inventory items. Details on the features of MyBooks Professional for Linspire are available at
“Over the last twelve months, we noticed more and more of our clients asking for a Linux version of our accounting programs, and we felt compelled to respond,” said John Gorst, president and CEO of InsynQ. “Migration to Linux for the small-to-medium business just got easier. MyBooks Professional for Linspire meets the demand in the market for both a low-cost Windows alternative and a Linux-based high-end accounting solution. This offering also gives the SMB market remarkable flexibility with its option for easy customization and scalability through Appgen’s 4GL Development System and its worldwide Appgen development partners.”
The MyBooks Professional accounting and finance software is available for Linspire in two low-cost entry-level packages — a one-user or two-user model. These packages are now available in the CNR (click and run) Warehouse with pricing of and $59 (MSRP) for the one-user version and $99 (MSRP) for the two-user version. To purchase MyBooks Professional, please visit (one-user version) or (two-user version).
“Every day, more businesses are considering desktop Linux as a way to reduce their IT budgets and overall spending,” Carmony added. “By adopting low-cost, high-performance systems like Linspire and MyBooks Professional, businesses have the potential to significantly lower their total cost of ownership.”