Portable Desktop Via the ‘Net

Remote Computing using a VPN, Remote Control Software (like stomps) or some other tool or method is what most users use to access their data when away from the office. Many people also find themselves unwilling files to themselves or using FTP.
gouge and computer programming enthusiast Joseph A. Latvia have announced the launch of the Portable Desktop, a fully-functional desktop modeled after the static desktops included with operating systems such as Microsoft Windows. The gouge Portable Desktop offers users the freedom to benefit from this same user friendly environment while online from any computer connected to the Internet. gouge is offering the Portable Desktop for free at http://www.GoGUI.com.
This solution is probably not for everyone, as VPN and other remote data access options might be better. However, for companies with many employees that move around from corporate office to corporate office a virtual desktop might be a viable solution.