Share Files With No Network

I usually do not write about minor version updates but I’d like to give more visibility to peer-to-peer networking. It is not for every business but I’m sure MANY businesses can take advantage of this technology.
Peer-to-peer networking is a server-less way to share files with 2 or more computers and is great for collaborative computing.
Laplink released ShareDirect 1.3, an application that allows users to connect folders between any number of PCs and share files of any size or type directly. ShareDirect enables secure, private folder-to-folder file sharing connections across an Internet connection and through existing firewall and router configurations. Groove Networks, recently purchase by Microsoft makes a VERY good P2P solution also.
Laplink’s ShareDirect takes the power and flexibility of peer-to-peer file sharing and makes it business-ready with a security package that includes:
Sharing through existing firewall and router configurations without compromising security. No special configuration is required in order to share files between PCs.
Sharing between authenticated members only. No unauthorized or anonymous individuals can access files.
256-bit encryption on all data transmissions, keeping files secure and private.
Built-in anti-virus checking for all downloaded files.