Still Use Windows 2000? You Are Not Alone.

I’ve been using Microsoft Windows XP for some time but I know that MANY small businesses are still using Windows 2000, which is fine for the most part.
Why buy new software and deal with the hassle of upgrading to Windows XP if Windows 2000 works just fine?
Sure, when you buy a new PC it will come with Windows XP and then you pass on the still working computer to another person in your business. This is one reason why Windows XP sales are not going strong reports Cnet
One quote in the Cnet article reads “It’s an SUV versus a minivan,” he said. “They both can get you there. It’s the same type of vehicle. You still understand how to drive it.”
If Windows 2000 is working just fine, I would not suggest you rush to upgrade to Windows XP. Sure it offers some more features (especially in the area of communication (remote connectivity) and media) but I’m not sure if it’s worth the upgrade price and time.