Storing Data Online Has Its Pros and Cons

There’s so many options for carrying data with you – but you really must think and consider HOW the data will be used. For several months I only carried my PDA and a foldable keyboard. I found that solution fine for writing articles but for email, spread sheets and so many other things I really missed a notebook computer. Now I carry around a Gateway notebook.
For some people a simple USB thumb-drive is fine, but then you always need a PC with a USB port around.
Another option, IF you have access to the Internet is to store your files at one of many online data storage services. Some are free and some are free.
With Google Gmail’s 2+ Gigabytes of storage, emailing files to yourself (10mb or less each file) is an option.
The New York times has a well written overview of online data storage tools and writes Internet companies like Yahoo and AOL, as well as some smaller competitors, have taken aim at these problems by allowing users to store nearly any kind of file on their secure servers. The stored files can then be retrieved from any Internet-connected computer.
These services – some charge a fee, others are free – are useful for many, but not all, consumers and businesspeople, according to Ross Rubin, an analyst with the technology research firm NPD Group. For one thing, having a high-speed Internet connection is practically a requirement, Mr. Rubin said. “One of the key issues with all of these is upload time,” he said.