Students vs Consultants: Which One for Your Business Tech Needs?

Hiring a professional technology consultant is the best course of action when you need an experienced mind to guide your technology evolution. However, a good technology consultant is expensive and might not be necessary all the time.
If you don’t need a full time technology consultant but only need someone smart and technically adept – what about a young college student? is connecting with colleges all over the nation and building a roster of students who are ready, willing and able to help you with your tech needs. There are now over 750 tech students nationwide and growing by 4-7 a day in’s database. OH, PA, NY, FL, CA, TX, CO, IN, GA, AZ, MI and WA are big concentrations but there are students from every state.
For $29.99 small businesses can post up to 3 jobs a month. A portion of these fees support technology scholarships for college students. is a win-win for all involved. It advances small businesses by addressing their technology needs; offers a valuable experience to students who are learning to work in their desired field and possibly as entrepreneurs; and it directly impacts economic development for any community by promoting business growth and creating a stronger knowledge base.