When Sending Email. Think. Think. Send

When writing an important memo that is going via fax or regular mail we often take the time to ensure everything is correct. However, often times we do not put much thought into emails we send. It is important to check two aspects of email.
Who is it going to and What the content contains.
Who is it going to:
Is the “to” line correct, those in “bcc” are they really in “ccc” and etc.
What the content contains:
Have you checked it for typos and such?
USA Today writes Due to an e-mail mistake by the University of Kansas, 119 students who failed all their classes during the last semester found out who shared their misfortune. The students were notified earlier this week that they were in jeopardy of having their financial aid revoked. The e-mail sent Monday by the Office of Student Financial Aid asked for additional information to determine if they were still eligible for aid.