Wireless Networks Expose Everything

If you are sitting in a public space using a wireless network, more often than not a tech savvy computer user can easily read your email and other digital communication as it goes in the open, from your notebook to the wireless access point of the network provider.
CNN writes “It’s great to be able to sit somewhere and work without having any wires attached, no nothing attached, but you have that risk that it comes back to,” Rushing said.
At the park, Rushing was able to log onto an unsecured hotel wireless signal in a matter of seconds. To illustrate how vulnerable such networks can be, Rushing then sent an e-mail and intercepted the entire contents of the message. He could’ve done the same thing to any of the dozens of people sitting nearby in the park.
“At any point in time, I can reach out and touch everyone’s laptop at the hot spot, and there’s usually not any way of preventing that — from me touching and looking at other people’s stuff at the hot spot itself,” Rushing said.