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Book Review: Home Networking: The Missing Manual

O’Reilly writes that itt all started when personal computers and peripherals became more affordable. Suddenly, the single PC household turned into a multiple PC household, with a myriad of peripherals like printers, scanners, external drives, game consoles, and digital gadgets. To connect everything and share resources has become a serious need indeed. Throw in different […]

Do You Have A Tech Guru? You Should.

I recently received a phone call from a colleague of mine, frustrated at technology. She knows she needs to upgrade her small office but is not sure what to upgrade to. Her needs: Color printing. Color laser? Color inkjet? (expensive cartridges) Dell has printers for $99. I’m happy with my Lexmark color laser. Mobile email. […]

Add Life To Power Point Presentations With Animation

We are creatures of habit. When you saw your first Microsoft Power Point presentation something snapped in you and you started making your Power Point (PPT) like that. Simple. Boring. Sleepy. You are not alone but thousands and thousands of other professionals were sucked in as well. And now just about every PPT you sit […]

Ease of Use And Security For Home Networks

In the office you have your IT person/office or a consultant who can help you install, maintain, support and secure your network. When you get home it’s often just you and your cat to deal with network security and support issues. While there’s many separate solutions for security (Symantec, McAfee, and others) and hardware (Cisco, […]

Tech Annoyances? Tech Solutions Online

At times, computers can get VERY, VERY frustrating. Most of my almost 20 years of computing experience has been a series of frustrations with computers. What about you? Thankfully there’s some great places to get help. Here’s a short list of great online support places. Google is a great way to find others who have […]

HP Has A New Online Backup Tool For You

Hewlett-Packard has a range of backup solutions, online and hardware based to tape or CD. Today, Newport International Group Inc. announced that HP will sell Newport’s online backup tool, Spare Backup, on There are many online backup solutions you can consider such as that from and others. The press release reads the Spare […]

Top 10 Color Considerations for Small Businesses

HP provided this color guide and I thought it was useful enough to reprint here (with their permission) for you Imagine the world without color. Almost impossible, right? Now ask yourself how many times you’ve stopped to think about how you incorporate color into your business. Color, a word so simple and easy to understand, […] Perfect E-Commerce

I think some of the best e-commerce examples are by smaller businesses who get e-commerce RIGHT. Today I ordered a Rhino metal case for my new Dell Axim 50. Hours later I got an email telling me that my order has shipped. What impressed me was a) the speed at which my order was fulfilled […]