Accessories For Your Laptop. Especially While On The Go

Kim Komando dispenses advice to help you keep your laptop powered while traveling. I just bought a batter for my Gateway M320 notebook. It was 4 hours, but then it’s now dropped to 3.5 hours or so. I’ll either return it or see if Gateway has a solution.
Kim writes Laptops are the ultimate productivity tools, but they let you work on the go even better with the right accessories. Fortunately, countless companies offer products specifically for laptops.
Powering your laptop away from home is the first item of business. A second battery is often essential for extended flights. They’re often $100 or more, so many people are tempted to save money by purchasing a third-party replacement. It’s a better idea to buy from the computer’s manufacturer. Manufacturers test batteries rigorously to ensure compatibility. In addition, using a third-party battery could void your warranty.
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