Add Life To Power Point Presentations With Animation

We are creatures of habit. When you saw your first Microsoft Power Point presentation something snapped in you and you started making your Power Point (PPT) like that. Simple. Boring. Sleepy.
You are not alone but thousands and thousands of other professionals were sucked in as well. And now just about every PPT you sit through or make is about the same.
Of course a PPT is ONLY to be used as an aid for a good speaker’s verbal presentation, but never-the-less, the almighty PPT still has a role to play (sometimes too much).

It is into this dull void that Vox Proxy steps in, with a software suite that enables you to add animated characters to your presentations.
These are not just any type of characters but characters that you can make do just about anything you want. They speak and move with you in full control to add life and dynamism to your presentations.
As for any presentation, too much of anything is not good. So I would not encourage you to have animated characters for all your slides. However, If you are giving a 30 minute presentation, having 3 animated characters, for example, to high light very important parts of your presentation can be useful.
Vox Proxy has a full scripting language and macros which enables anyone with time to build a full cast of talking and moving characters.
Vox Proxy does for Power Point what Odd Cast does for Web sites.
If you give a lot of presentations I would highly encourage you to at least have a look at Vox Proxy, try it out and see if it’s for you.