Blending Cell Phones and Cordless Phones

What if you could go home, “dock” your cell phone, and then use your cordless phone for incoming and outgoing calls and switch between using the cell phone or cordless phone?
Benefits? You could talk with the cordless phone but take advantage of free nights and weekends on the cellular phone. You could receive calls on your cordless phone, with its much better reception, that were called into your cell phone.
In talking about a cordless phone from RCA USA Today writes The $150 product consists of two main parts. First, there’s a conventional 2.4 gigahertz cordless handset (plus a charger base that you connect, as usual, to a phone jack). Then there’s a separate cradle that’s meant to dock a compatible cell phone. You connect the cell to this dock via one of four supplied adapter cables. The dock is compatible with nearly 60 cellular models from Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericsson. RCA plans to add more phone models in coming months; additional adapters will cost less than $15. The cradle unit can be upgraded via a USB connection.