Blogs In Action for Small Businesses

Blogs do work but my fear has been that the HYPE of the blogs is at times more than their reality. However, I love to read of successful blogs and tech overall in a small business.
Small Business Trends writes how a furniture store is seeing success with their blogs.
The story reads The Landfair Furniture blog is written by Mike and Bev Landfair.
They are the owners of Landfair Furniture & Design Gallery and Furniture Annex in Portland, Oregon. In addition to their Landfair Furniture & Design Gallery store, they have an online shop, Landfair Furniture Annex. They’re using their blog to drive traffic to the online site and boost awareness of their store.

Even though they just started their blog on March 15, 2005, they report that it has already reaped handsome rewards for them. Part of the reason is that, in addition to showcasing their own operation, the Landfairs are generous in helping promote others. They feature local designers, the furniture companies whose lines they carry and even a local home show sponsored by a local realtor.

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