Can Microsoft Enter The Hosted CRM Space: NetSuite Thinks Not.

Intuit crushed Microsoft in the SMB financial software market with Quicken and Quickbooks, but that was then and this is now. MSFT has money (which means a lot) but it also has VERY smart people who could execute a hosted strategy and leverage MSFT Office / Windows to do it, as Microsoft has done for other things. The “Internet space” being one of those “things”.
NetSuite does have the backing of Oracle, but any vendor that doesn’t take Microsoft seriously is VERY foolish.
CNet writes that NetSuite’s CEO Zach Nelson said “Microsoft has the money but it doesn’t have the time. This isn’t something that you can just throw developers at.” And in a “build, partner or buy” environment, Nelson said he believes Microsoft only has one option.”Even with all their money they’re going to find they still have to build,” said Nelson. “They aren’t going to be able to buy any of us.”