CMP Books Releases ‘Partnering With Microsoft: How to Make Money in Trusted Partnership With the Global Software Powerhouse’

Partnering with Microsoft is a lucrative business for thousands of technology consultants. Microsoft’s ecosystem of servers and applications REQUIRES support, installation and customization services and this is where Microsoft partners can earn their bread and butter.
Var Business recently had a feature story profiling resellers who have focused their entire business on partnering with Microsoft.
CMP Books, part of CMP Media LLC, announced its newest book, Partnering with Microsoft: How to Make Money in Trusted Partnership with the Global Software Powerhouse ($39.95, Hardcover — ISBN: 1-57820-317-1). CMP claims that this book is the first of its kind to provide a practical resource for business leaders in showing them how to build a successful and meaningful partnership with Microsoft, with separate chapters focusing on the unique requirements for resellers, systems integrators and independent software vendors.
Microsoft has more than 841,000 partners worldwide representing over $300 billion in revenues for the channel. Partnering with Microsoft, written by industry veterans Ted Dinsmore and Edward O’Connor, shows readers how to increase and leverage their firms’ connections to the company — the results of which can help to increase revenues in a trusted partnership through effective co-marketing, efficient channel relationships, assured referrals and joint success in selling complementary products or services.
“For all its structures, communications, materials and initiatives, Microsoft has neither precisely nor completely advised its partners how to engage the company as such,” says Dinsmore. “Without a full appreciation of Microsoft’s culture, strategy and organization, a thorough understanding of the partner ecosystem — and the best ways to work within it — is elusive.”
Partnering with Microsoft demystifies the software giant’s culture, global organization and strategic trajectory, and orients readers to the tactics required to increase and work their firm’s connections and partnership with Microsoft to achieve optimal success. The book also guides readers to focus on the many business-growth opportunities that unfold when they become successful partners with Microsoft.
“Microsoft’s partners engage the company in different ways depending on what type of partner they are and the best practices for each are exhaustively enumerated in this book,” says O’Connor. “Through a nearly scientific analysis of Microsoft as a company and the experiences of case-studied partners, we demonstrate that the manner in which successful high-technology firms partner with Microsoft is more of an art than may seem readily apparent.”