Data Integration: It Is Still Important – Why NetSuite Is Gaining Ground

At the sales seminar for small businesses that I was moderating last week, an attendee mentioned that she was frustrated that she had so many difference pieces of data sources that were NOT integrated. Some of you might be in that same position.
Your PDA has data, but does not synchronize with your phone. Your customer database has information but it’s not in your PDA. Your support team has information but it’s useful to sales as they have a different database.
One solution is to use ONE platform to run your entire business.
NetSuite recently announced that a Santa Clara based technology integrator, Helio Solutions, moved from accounting program Peachtree and a proprietary CRM software to NetSuite’s hosted software.
Does this mean that there was something wrong with Peachtree (or any other solution)? Of course not. It does mean that if you find that your business is using 2 or 4 or 10 different applications for business processes you are probably losing out by NOT having an integrated solution.
An integrated or best of breed solution is NOT always the best route. At times you might need to get a specific application that can get a particular job done best. However, be careful that you don’t have silos of information in your business, depriving your various teams (sales, marketing support, finance, etc) of valuable insight about your business overall.
NetSuite writes that Helio’s deployment of NetSuite to all 60 of its employees has helped the company bring order to its fast-growing operations. With NetSuite, Helio has reported increased productivity and efficiency savings of 20% in its support staff and 40% revenue growth from $53 million to $88 million, ranking Helio Solutions in the top half of the VARBusiness 500 list of the industry’s largest value-added resellers.
By using an integrated solution to manage its back-office and customer-facing operations, Helio Solutions has been able to preserve its fast-track approach to building business. By breaking down the considerable barriers Helio once faced in its reporting and business intelligence capabilities, the company now has clear insight into revenue and profitability. Because order processing and management are processed through NetSuite, service personnel have faster insight into order status, reducing lead times and improving the speed and quality of the support process.
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