Dell: MUCH More Than Computers

If you thought Dell only sold PCs and technology peripherals you’re wrong. Dell can also help you business design and plan a proper network. Thankfully you have these kind of choices. Go to your local computer consultant, get help from Dell, or hook up with a Microsoft partner who might double as your local computer consultant as well.
Dell¬?s Custom Network Installation Assessment service helps customers build out their network infrastructure including server and storage installation and maintenance. It also helps customers implement capabilities for their desktop and notebook environment including wireless networks, remote access and data back-up and helps customers make those environments more secure including hardware and software firewalls, antivirus and spyware protection. Once the strategy is in place, Dell can install customers¬? hardware and software with its small business customer installation services. Prices for Custom Network Installation Assessments begin at $279.
Small business customers who purchase Dell¬?s advanced Tech Support can receive a greater level of support, quicker response time and resolution. Generally, small businesses purchasing Dell¬?s advanced tech support can have their calls answered within minutes by advanced technicians.
Customers who recycle with Dell can receive a certificate of disposal that verifies that recycling was done in a manner designed to meet EPA guidelines. Customers can also donate their systems through a partnership with The National Christina Foundation.
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