Do You Have A Tech Guru? You Should.

I recently received a phone call from a colleague of mine, frustrated at technology. She knows she needs to upgrade her small office but is not sure what to upgrade to.
Her needs:
Color printing. Color laser? Color inkjet? (expensive cartridges) Dell has printers for $99. I’m happy with my Lexmark color laser.
Mobile email. Which one? Treo, Blackberry, something else?
Cell phone? Should she stick with Verizon? What about Cingular so she can travel world wide?
New PDA (if not a mobile email device). I just upgraded to a Pocket PC Dell Axim 50 and I LOVE IT. Palm can’t touch Dell’s Axim.
My colleague’s needs are minimal compared to those of you who might have 20 computers and 1 server and need solutions for a sales staff of 3 or 13.
However, the needs are the same.
EVERY small business needs a technology guru or therapist.
Someone they can turn to for tech help and have a 30 – 60 minute chat with for tech help and guidance. This person could be your technology consultant, but I’d suggest that they not be.
Pay someone, who is VERY tech savvy for 60 minute tech sessions, once every 2 weeks. Use their insight to talk with your technology consultant who you can pay for the implementation and their guidance as well.
Use your tech guru as a “second opinion” of sorts.