Do You Know Your Customers: Microsoft CRM Is Coming

Although this is only the second release of Microsoft’s CRM tool, it has the distinction of being version 3.0 and will be released later this week.
A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is a VITAL component of every business. Whether your CRM tool is a simple database or complex software is not so much the issue as long as you have a good way to KNOW who your customers are, sell them what they want and harness information about them to be as productive and profitable as your business can. ACT!, SalesLogix, Gold Mine, Maximizer and others are some good solutions. Interestingly Emerge Core’s IT IN A BOX has a built in CRM tool.
ZD Net writes “We want to be the easiest-to-use CRM system on the marketplace. Some businesses need really complex stuff, and they might go to someone with a lot more bells and whistles, but we’re focusing on small and midsized customers and departments within enterprise companies. Increased ease of use is what those people are asking us for,” said Wilson.
Among the functional upgrades promised in the 3.0 package is the introduction of a set of marketing automation tools, an established element of most CRM systems that had been lacking in Microsoft’s first attempt at the applications. The software includes tools for managing client lists, tracking advertising and marketing campaigns, and for sorting customer responses to those initiatives. Read the full article here