eBusiness: iCode – Refreshes And Comes Alive

eBusiness, or whatever you wish to call connecting your business processes into one integrated operation, is a MUST for any business that wants to succeed. There are many programs available to help. Microsoft, IBM, NetSuite, Quickbooks, SalesForce.com, Oracle, Sage and so many others provide varying levels of “ebusiness”.

iCode has a VERY extensive solution, Everest, that will provide your business with just about every piece of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) puzzle you need solved and they’ve recently release a new version, has launched Everest(R) Advanced 2.1
The new features in Everest 2.1 include enhancements in accounting, inventory
management, and e-Commerce.
I am not going to list all the new features here, but do encourage you to check out their web site and speak with a local consultant.