Encrypting Your Data With Software And Hardware

The data on your computer, by default, is not very secure. The logon you do to access your computer will only keep out casual users, not serious hackers. If the most basic level of security is good enough for you, then leave things as they are.
However, if you DO have information on your computer that MUST be kept secure there are many products that can help.
One product, DESlock+ from Deslock is a software and hardware combination that encrypts your data and makes it useless to someone if they do obtain access to your email or files.

DESlock+ transparently protects a computer user’s data by providing fast and strong encryption of documents, files, folders and email messages stored on local disks, CDs, USB drives and other media.
Once encrypted, data cannot be viewed by others, nor can email messages be viewed while en route to their destination. Encrypted data can be decrypted using a user’s secret key. A new shredder feature, just announced for DESlock+, enables users to automatically encrypt files that are added to the Windows wastebasket, along with
various cache and temporary files.
DESlock+ is available immediately in two formats. A single-key software license is designed for individual users: this license is available free-of-charge to consumers, while a business user license costs $45. A more sophisticated USB token-based version that supports multiple, shared encryption keys for workgroup operation is also available for $174.98, and includes two USB keys in addition to the DESlock+ software.
Key Product Features are:
Folder Encryption – DESlock+ can encrypt a folder on the local machine,
which in turn encrypts all files within that folder and any files copied
or moved into that folder. The files remain on the hard disk at all
times in an encrypted format. As files are saved to and opened from
encrypted folders, DESlock+ automatically encrypts and decrypts them.
File Encryption – Individual files and documents can be encrypted with
Text Encryption – Any portion of text within a document or window can
be encrypted with DESlock+.
Email Encryption – Email messages and attachments can be encrypted
prior to being sent. Plug-ins for Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook are
Encrypted Archives – DESlock+ provides the ability to create a
compressed, encrypted archive of multiple files.
Mountable Files – DESlock+ can create a special file that can be
mounted as a volume in My Computer. The volume this file provides can be
accessed just like any other volume allowing the files to be accessed
normally. Mountable files can be used by workgroups for storing and
sharing encrypted data on a network. They can also be stored on
removable media to provide access to encrypted data on different
Scratchpad – Each DESlock+ DESkey has a 2 kilobyte area of non-volatile
memory that can be accessed using the scratchpad tool. This is like the
Windows Notepad application and allows the user to read data from, and
write data to, the DESkey memory. A typical use of the scratchpad memory
would be to store website access passwords or other sensitive
information, or for storing PIN numbers or passwords secure while on the
Shredder – To prevent ordinarily deleted files being recovered,
DESlock+ includes a secure deletion utility called the DESlock+
Shredder. This protects data by securely deleting it so it cannot be