Experts: Best of breed security may not be the wisest path

Flying in the face of conventional wisdom that best of breed solutions are the only way to go, experts are now recommending that organizations consider point solutions from less-established, smaller vendors to fill in gaps that others leave behind.
“Smaller and less mature vendors should be implemented as tactical solutions to ‘plug security holes’ in corporate networks,” said Gartner analyst Lawrence Orans at the Gartner IT Security Summit earlier this week. He said “Type C companies,” those that hesitate to implement new technologies or products from less-established vendors, typically steer clear of these vendors because of a lack of name recognition and because of concerns about the maturity of the technology.
“However, where you have security holes in your network, for example instant messaging risks, network access control risks, etc., it is oftentimes better to take a risk on the new vendor or the emerging technology, rather than leave the hole unplugged,” Orans continued. Read the full article on