Faster Connections – More Enhancements

The faster connections we have to the Internet the MORE features and services we’ll begin to see in the consumer and business space.
USA Today writer Andrew Kantor writes Not too long ago, [high speed] bandwidth like that to the home was all but unthinkable; a 56-Kbps modem was hot stuff. But the price of bandwidth has dropped to the point that I can get a speedy 5-Mbps cable connection for less than $50 a month.
Fast connections that are too cheap to meter have done more than get that e-mail through to grandma faster. They’ve changed things about our society ¬? the way we look up information, share photos, get our music.
I’m convinced that, although they don’t require a high-speed connection, things like blogs wouldn’t have happened without an always-on Internet to attract people.
But what happens when we make the leap to even higher speeds
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