Getting Voice Mail (+faxes, cell calls and more) In Outlook

As busy business persons it’s MORE than a pain to have to check voice mail on your office phone, email, cell phone messages, faxes and other communications. Being able
to centrally manage all these communication channels would make your life so much easier and more efficient. Also, think of how satisfied your customers would be, knowing that you could respond to them faster and in a more timely fashion.
Although the following case study touts CallXpress you can look into any number of unified messaging solutions. Lewis Silkin, a prestigious commercial law firm based in London, England, deployed CallXpress, a unified communications product by Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Inc. (AVST). CallXpress delivers advanced unified messaging and speech-enabled capabilities that are designed to help mobile workers communicate and collaborate more productively and effectively regardless of their physical location.
Lewis Silkin’s attorneys pride themselves on being “people people” committed to providing their clients with the best service possible by focusing on effective communications and cultivating interpersonal skills that result in successful relationships. At the same time, the firm also genuinely wants to enable its employees to have a life outside the office, and time to live it. To achieve these goals, Lewis Silkin invests in high quality communication technology and enjoys an envied reputation as an early adopter of new and sophisticated legal technologies.
Maintaining control and ensuring that all communications are managed efficiently is key to the legal profession. Client service is paramount, and lawyers must be able to minimize time spent on administrative duties and maximize time spent on providing legal advice and expertise. With 250 users, three locations, and approximately 5,000 voice mails and 200,000 e-mails arriving across the practice every month, effective communication was a challenge for Lewis Silkin. In order to address this issue, the firm needed to choose a cutting-edge technology that provided the flexibility to receive and send messages in whatever form was most convenient according to the demands of the particular user.
Jan Durant, Head of IT at Lewis Silkin, explained, “We needed a solution that extends our client communication options and enables lawyers to share important communications with their colleagues. It was also important that the solution offers complete flexibility for remote workers and complements the Citrix remote working solution. Our employee mobility was increasing, and we needed a solution to support this changing dynamic.”
After discussing these requirements with Avanquest, an expert supplier of leading-edge, best-of-breed corporate solutions, Lewis Silkin selected AVST’s CallXpress unified communications solution. Durant said, “One of the reasons we chose CallXpress was because it is independent, works with almost all traditional and IP telephone systems, and is therefore future proof.”
Avanquest installed CallXpress with 8 ports and VBPC integration to a Mitel SX2000. Attorneys at Lewis Silkin now receive immediate notification and access to voice, fax and e-mail messages from their Outlook inbox from any location. This capability is particularly useful when working from home and on the road. The firm’s CallXpress system improves reaction time to client requests, leading to enhanced customer retention. The lawyers are also satisfied with the ability to better balance their work and personal lives.
“Our employee mobility has been greatly enhanced with the introduction of CallXpress,” Durant added. “Unified communication is a great asset to Lewis Silkin, because our users have far more options and flexibility for all message retrieval and action. Whether by utilizing Blackberry devices, mobile phones or Internet access, they can handle business issues promptly and efficiently regardless of geographic location.”
Durant continued, “CallXpress allows our lawyers to use their mobile phones, or any other telephone, to hear their e-mails read to them. They can then reply to clients’ e-mails immediately with a voice mail, or they can choose to forward the e-mail to a colleague along with a voice introduction. Finally, at the touch of a button e-mails along with their attachments can be delivered to any fax machine in the world. CallXpress is saving our employees a lot of time in managing messages.”
“The benefits of unified communications can be realized across the board for all organizations, especially those with a highly mobile workforce,” said Denny Michael, AVST’s Vice President of Marketing. “We’ve seen that many vertical industries such as the legal and financial sectors can gain significant benefits by choosing the right solution. That’s why AVST is committed to educating businesses through a ‘Know Your Options’ campaign that aims to help IT decision-makers explore all available solutions and applications and then select the one that’s right for their company.”
CallXpress allows Lewis Silkin to have a single point of administration and directory addressing mechanism for their messaging infrastructure, reducing the administrative burden and enhancing return on investment. In addition, the data storage aspects of the system allow for storage and archiving of sensitive communication over voice mail, removing the need for all such communication to be in written format.