Google: The Best FREE Technical Support Ever.

I recently purchased a Dell Axim 50. However, I had problems seeing notes in my contact fields. Notes are VERY important to me.
I called Dell technical support and was told that they could NOT help me but could only help with hardware issues and “basic” software setup issues.
I called Microsoft and as soon as they heard the word “OEM” in my software license they said they could not help but to talk with Dell.
Both Dell and Microsoft have options for paid support but I was NOT about to spend money on support after spending $400 on a brand new product.
Well, I turned to Google. After 30 minutes or so I found an online forum about PDAs where someone had commented about a similar issue and I emailed them. They kindly pointed me to another post about the issue, which recommended soft resetting the Axim (I should have done this the first time). Guess what – the soft reset solved the problem!
Thanks Google and thanks Dave for your help.